Your Bird

Is it off limits for my caress?
Trust me, I will be so gentle!
I will not do it any harm…
I will handle it with care
Fragile little creature of yours
I’ll do everything to bring it joy
Can I touch it? I beg you, please!!!
Let me play with your bird
Its chirping brings delight
Taking away the hunger of my soul!!!
Will you set it free and lend to me???
Promise, I will make it really happy!!!


I will never ever break your heart. May my love bring you comfort and true joy.

Beautiful artworks of different kinds of birds on the wall.  This is my fave spot located outside my Computer Lab.


From cumulus to almost nimbus, I rushed for it was about to rain…


GOD, I TOLD YOU THAT I SURRENDER AND YOU BROUGHT ME HERE.  I had migraine but when I saw my email’s inbox….. Officially official!!! My sister, my dear and mama thank you very much!!!! And also to all my friends especially to Jonah and Lala. Now, I am ready to fly again not a Flappy Bird or Angry Bird. Lol. A new flight for greater heights !!! Migraine go away, your cure is on the way….


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