LATE for My First Day


Where am I heading? I estimated my trip to be approximately an hour. Then, I left from my place fifteen minutes earlier. 


I maybe of many things, juggling anything.  However, I have a dark side, my ultiminate weakness.  I felt like my Zorro baby for I was lost and couldn’t find my way.  I wasted forty minutes finding my direction.  It was difficult to get a cab.  I boarded the bus.  Fortunately, the driver was kind and helpful.


I reached my destination but I was late.  NOT ON MY FIRST DAY!!  The staff was concerned that I would stood them up or I forgot.  (or I was being irresponsible) 
Of course not!!! This commitment is the covenant I made with God.

But…. But…
What a shame!!! I told them my poor sense of direction problem and they understood.


I was late for the orientation but I was introduced to everyone.  It was my privileged to belong to a new family.  I fulfilled my promised to God to help others by sharing my skills. 


Today is my first day as a volunteer computer teacher for migrant skilled workers in the Basic Computer course.    This outreach program is organized by the Holy Family Church.  I found the place through a friend who asked me to accompany her when she registered for another course.

It’s my first time teaching adults and some of my students are from other nationalities.  I told my students that none of them will come out from my class without learning anything.  After what I said, I witnessed the glow in their eyes and they were very grateful.

In all I do, I always give my best with or without compensation.  When they learned something from me that will be my reward. 


My baby Chinito turns 1 today.  Happy birthday, baby!!! Sorry, I am not there… Miss your cute little laugh and our “appear!”


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