You’re the Meaning of My Life

When you dare to dream,  the universe with God’s permission will  grant it when you can prove yourself worthy for it by working hard and not quitting easily despite of the adversities and challenges. I am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I am not ashamed of where I came from.  Even from a young age, my father taught me to have confidence, determination and trust in my abilities to have a place in the world and not to feel inferior from everyone else.  Moreover, with his sudden departure, I buried my dreams along with him and burned in my thoughts the true desires of my heart. Yet, God gave me exceptional skills and it is a sin not to share these with others and to avail something from them for my advantage.

Although there are many people who inspired and helped me pick up the pieces of my shattered heart, I still look up to you and always thankful for everything you did.  In your many ways, you outshine the rest. Henceforth, there’s a beautiful story that will forever live in my heart and that will be yours. Indeed, what you had been through is not smooth sailing and there were bitter side in those  sweet childhood memories. Nonetheless, you became what you are today by struggling to get through in the eye of the needle. I beat all your hard work really paid off.

I wanted to tell you that I am not only good in hiding behind the shadows of the texts in my compositions .  I CAN and similar to you I made it through. Thanks to you I aimed higher.  Then, find my heart in art which never occurred to me till I met you.

In a nutshell, so many nameless people who inspired me in many ways but the greatest impact among all of them is you. The day will come when you’ll clear your head with whatever is in your mind, and then we’ll meet again.  Allow me to thank you and be there for you in my ways.

Thank you for adding the essence of love into my life. I may sometimes dress unusual but you know it in your heart that I am not that kind of woman. I enjoyed all the stuff with you, but it doesn’t mean I’ll look for men to have all those sort  that you think I wanted. I don’t need something meaningless for I am too old to look for worthless fun. I love my life in my ways and I love you too for you’re the meaning of my life. If I continued to fight and went on, it’s because your essence never left me. Spare me the day to tell you my side of the story and allow me to thank you once more and all over again… Again and again…


You’re the meaning in my life
You’re the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life

by Chicago “You’re the Inspiration”


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