Finding My Way to You



I heard you.  Perhaps, sounded alike.  I saw you.  Perhaps, your doppelganger.  Furthermore, here I am retracing your footsteps.  It’s my turn to be here unraveling the unknown past of one’s forgotten youth.


I have no dollar in my pocket and no money in my bus card.  There’s a beauty of being penniless because I have the chance to exercise by taking the approximate 30-minute walk and appreciate the beautiful greenery on my way.


Feasting with all the imagined creatures in my head because my signature brought the sunshine again.  What a exhausting and boring but challenging day!  Spiderman is correct that with great powers come great responsibilities.



Although I am still worried with how to pay my monthly dues, I still walk happily humming to myself because life is always beautiful.  Oh, there was pretty a yellow bird! My bad for I was so engrossed that it didn’t occur to me to grab some photos.


I wanted to tell you, ‘hey, I am here!’  Hard to believe.  See for yourself and feel free to drop by anytime.  It’s a long road.  My knees are tired but I carried on for I listened in the voice of my heart. 
      “REACH and EXCEL” the ghost of the past has its way of finding us and we did our best to succeed. 
     Wake up darling, I love you more…. Always and take care… I found my way here, find yours too (AGAIN) … Sweet kisses…xoxo


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