We Are Friends

I don’t know how to be a friend but you taught me to care and be compassionate.  I wanted to be left behind but you showed me how to flap my wings and fly free with the flock.  Thank you to all my friends.  I am deeply sorry if you felt forgotten or I didn’t show up.  Sorry for not saying goodbye.  Sorry for the burden caused.  Sorry for everything I didn’t mean to do.

Too bad I needed to leave earlier and missed the celebration.  There were kids wearing the countries of their roots.  In this new place welcomed me even I am officially around for a week.  Do you still remember what it was like during your days?


While waiting for my ride, the cute little girl at the waiting shed always turned her back and smiled at me.  Hey, I made an instant friend!  We took same bus to my destination but she alighted first with her grandmother.  Before she went down, she looked at me, smiled sweetly and waved goodbye.  What a sweet little angel!!!

Well, we are always friends regardless of race, language and religion.  Thank you to all my friends for the acceptance and appreciating what I can do and have done.  Although you are apart and I am not getting younger, you will all still be in my heart and forever remembered.

     DO YOU STILL REMEMBER ME?  I’ll check with them, maybe the memories are there and they too remember you.

    Celebrate International Friendship Day!!!


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