That Feeling


Come in, you’re always welcome
The door’s open, waiting for you

Days long gone since you came
I’m alright now, what’s going on?

The coward paused and startled
Only the valor explored jubilantly

Wild forest and untamed beast
In the darkness, waiting for your touch

That feeling when you eased the pain
You calmed the waves to bring the breeze

That feeling when you were so close
I hugged your back for a long time

That feeling when I stared at your eyes
You smiled as they bedazzled my core

Welcome back again with that feeling
When I love no one else but you

I will give it all and give you more
Don’t be exhausted, no pressure

That feeling when you clasped me
Please, hope you never let go

That feeling of heaven with your lips
Music of your voice, my lullaby

I miss and love you and thank you
For that feeling, I only shared with you

Welcome back, the door’s always open
I am yours to own and conquer




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