Fight for Survival: U Had Them First


Last Saturday, I was told but I had hesitations with the validity of the information.  Henceforth, I couldn’t help feeling uncertain of what should be done.  Almost twelve, it was so late to inform me to clear me out from my unresolved issues.  I am not blaming anyone for what should be done should not be left unfinished.


So unlikely me wearing simple attire as I strolled at the pathway where your steps left marks.  What are the changes over a decade when you left?  Four long years of memories that contributed to what shaped you today.  Are the people you used to know whether they’re likeable or not still around.  Well, you know the place very well than I do.  Of course, you had them before I set foot on its ground.



Well, equipped with high-end gadgets for someone IT savvy like me.  Although they don’t belong to me, something borrowed that I am entrusted to keep and use productively.  I heard the music that reminds me to join the others in singing the anthem and recite the pledge in my silence.

No Monday blues for today is my official first day.


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