Party, Party Baby Girl!!!


Tantrums and wailing
Hush, baby girl, chill
Your mama is not home
Your papa’s with another
Baby girl, we are always here
I maybe not a kind big sis
Still I am bubbly as can be
Long ago fun memories


Baby girl, are you in trouble?
Hush, baby girl don’t cry
The party is not yet over
Learn from all your errors
Embrace life’s imperfections
Enjoy even the clubs are closed


Baby girl, you will be alright
God grants your heart’s desire
A family whom you belong
You’re a wonderful mother
Loving and beautiful wife
It’s your big celebration
Happy birthday, baby girl
Let’s party, party and have fun!


Happy birthday Renz! I wish that I can be there. My charcoal drawing is a year old when I started learning art.  Well, it’s all I got for now I am still penniless…


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