Drunk with Love

I don’t know what I am supposed to compose with alcohol in my veins.  Will I hide in my words and drown with all the nonsense jokes?

So, the stories flow like a river and the tales never end.  The secret garden is mine to explore, our haven to keep.  For first time after seconds of hibernating, I am true to myself and dash wild in my dreams.  Eat me alive and swallow even my soul.  Take everything that I have… Nothing left.  Only the flower blossoms for you to gather and keep forever.

    I am nuts.  You drive me insane.  I am dead with you in my thoughts.  Let me live and keep me alive.  Let’s bring back yesterday as you wipe out my innocence with your expertise.

    Something inside me is cold.  I want more… Omigosh, I need you now!!! I can’t take you off my head!!! My heart suffocated with every detail of your memories… The more the narration flows… the more I got drunk with your memories …. God knows, I wish for no one… I luv u forevermore!!!
IT MAY BE IN TIME IS OUR TIME… The time will come… Our time!!!


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