One at the Time


I feel so left out and out of chances.  All by myself all the time for the past few months.  There are so many things I want to do and have in life.  Yet, I’m glad God heard my plea because I don’t give and continued to work hard.  However, something is incomplete and missing.
   I remembered the advice and lesson that papa told me. By that time, I was about to quit my course and shift to another because the subjects were difficult. According to him,  take it easy and just take it one at the time.  In addition, he said not to be hard to myself, work hard, have faith in my skillss and God, and always have patience for the outcome to turn out well.

   Yeah, what’s with the rush!  I’ll just take it one at the time.  Besides, I believe age is not a hindrance but an advantage.  For as my number is incremented every year, I learned new things and my skills improved. Thus, as I aged with all the experiences and lessons learned, I become wiser and looking forward for more.

    One thing accomplished and another to come! I believe and I know it will happen… Just wait… One at the time!

  U think I forgot
   XoXo Good nyt 😉
  Mwaaaahhhh 😉
  Sweet kisses 😉
  Luv u more 😉


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