Fight for Survival: From Hell to Home


Going through HELL.  I don’t want to bad mouth anyone.  Let’s say that it was part of the protocol when I wad being interrogated like a criminal.  The gate of the underworld is filled with Hades’ corrupt and unjust minions.  My first try was a failure that brought me torment and torture.  The second round, I am equipped with all the weapon needed and my tons of white lies.  Almost time’s up, I am so tense but the perfume shop reminded me of someone whom matter a lot.  I took a deep breath and avowed that I would make it.  Up above the air surpassing hell’s gate… that was no heaven yet… it was just the beginning…


Was it really the answer of my prayer?  Don’t pray desperately like I did instead pray faithfully and heartily.  Trust in God alone. For when you pray with a hole in your heart, the Devil will be interested to put out the flame in your heart.

Did I get it? It was no angel in disguise but the disciple from darkness who almost brought me to eternal hell.  All the promises and assurance seemed realistic.  I was grateful and overjoyed but I had this gut feeling that something was not right.  My wishes were granted by the genie from hell, and the consequences was unbearable.  There was no escape and no matter how loudly I cried, I am the one blamed.  The fault was mine for I am the victim of my desperate moves.


In God’s time… I cannot rush the Almighty.  Yet, I feared of losing at the end.  Thanks to the angels He sent whom rescued me from the Hell where I was about to reside for so long.  The most important thing now, I am free from the claws of the vulture who was about to devour me.


I am packing my belongings and clothes.  I am moving forward bidding farewell to the good people who once accepted, admired and loved me.  Finally, I am home with new pages to fill with stories that will about to unfold.  My luggage is ready, everything is inside.  It’s not sad to move out because new adventures await for me. My old suitcase is set with what I had in the past.  Do find me when your senses are awaken and your back to who you used to be.  Sadly, what I started to save is gone.  I expected a friend to help me out but if not let it disappear with the wind.  It was my money after all and nobody’s business.  I needed help and I didn’t know what happened to my friend.


Rejoice for I am home!!! After the hell I have been through, I will just relax inspite of the delay. 

Everything is Possible in God


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