What happened to you?


Did I ever sleep? No sweet dreams and closing my eyes tightly.  Disturbed with so many thoughts and choking nightmares. Am I all set for work?  Did I really get it?  I don’t need to shower early and wear my best suit.  There’s no need.  No need… It’s gone and I don’t know where to begin.

You don’t know the real story.  You quickly jumped into conclusions.  Then, you immediately slammed the door when I had something to say.  You decided to put a full stop, not even giving reasons for my peace of mind and to calm my heart.  My fault.  I always get the blame, don’t I? 

My clothes are all out of my closet for I have to move out transferring to where I truly belong. This is definitely goodbye.  I lose, penniless and broken-hearted.  I belong to nowhere.  What do you know when you insisted not to care to a friend whom you used to know? I am out of time. Probably, God has greater plans and my place is not here.


My karma. Do you think I deserve the series of unfortunate events? Applause and standing ovation for all my failures.  Fine, I give up!  What errors I have done to you?  You know that I care and I always will.  I don’t intend to hammer down the barriers you build for it what makes you happy anyway.  Above all, your joy all matters to me even if I am deleted in the scene.


Out of reach.  The beeping sound. The continuous ringing and the auto answering machine.  What happened to you?  You don’t know what I have been through and how bravely I struggled to survive.  You don’t know…. Perhaps, we are  settling at the ends of a line… the one triumphant with a happily ever after and the one losing everything in the cold purgatory.  What do you know when you only listen to the other side of the story? Don’t be enslaved with what you considered right, a wrongful blind obedience. Your heart has a voice that is gentle, kind and sweet. How did I know? I used to hear and understand it… and so I madly fell in love.

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