The propaganda of perfection doesn’t affect me.  I am comfortable and confident with who I am.  There are nasty comments about my weight and the excess fats all over my body. Likewise, those words don’t send me wailing in a dark room.



No matter how contented I am with myself still I am undeniably the prey of my vulnerability upon life’s turmoil. 

I can’t fight it anymore.  My wisdom is unable to redeem me from the slowly dying hopelessness that slashed my soul. I can no longer see the track to the finish line.  I literally waited for you once at the victory end during the actual marathon.  We move forward separately and each day I can’t help whispering, “please, be mine…”  Have you tried waking up alone in the middle of the night screaming aloud the name of your heart’s truest desire? All I want is to love and love and love… LET ME LOVE AGAIN…


I tried to forget what I always remember for the memories are registered in the circuits of my system.  Perhaps, I am insane skinny dipping with you in the realms of my dreams.  I wish to drown with the merriment inside but in that very moment you smiled and took me out from the waters.  Thank you for the meaningful and wonderful memories.  Wait for me at the end of the aisle.  Be there.  Life will bring us gifts and surprises.


I CHOSE WHAT I PICKED BECAUSE YOU TAUGHT ME THE REAL ESSENCE OF LOVE.  Thank you.  I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me.  I appreciate the kind of love you brought into my life.  I hope you’ll learn to appreciate the way I am and how great I feel for you.  I lose the cash I initially saved.  I have no idea what will happen to it. Such silly thoughts are breaking me with each passing day because it means a lot for my future… Something that I put aside for myself is all gone…


Allow me to have the clarity of my mind and let me live again…
Please, I don’t what’s there I need to say for you to LET ME LIVE AGAIN with calm and serenity within.

Images via Tumblr.com


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