You Detest Me

dreaming of you all the time

No one likes me because I love to write
Composing poetry and narrating stories
If you want me to stop, I’ll quit now!
Take away my pen, I’ll scribble no more!!!

No one wants me because I love to paint
Investing and learning from the best
I dream of aging as an accomplished artist
Burn my brushes, I’ll draw no more!!!

No one cares about me because I am digital
I can animate and do little programming
Video and photo editing, DTP and web page are fun!
Throw away my PC, will my skills disappear!

Do you detest me because teaching is my passion?
Regardless of my learners’ languages and races
I love them equally and enjoy being with them
Tell them to hate me for I’ll love them still!!!

Do you dislike my cheap taste in fashion?
I can do my nails and my mama makes my clothes
When the prices are down, then I buy…
Empty my closet, take away my happiness!!!

Am I not a good daughter and the evil sister?
Sacrificing my happiness for my family
Letting time fly in a lonesome dwelling for one
Will I give them up, when I can add you in?

Do you despise me for being the household girl?
Watching anime, home buddy and couch potato
A party girl that can surely rock your world
Hate me for enjoying wherever I am in the globe!!!

Detest me for all the accusations and misconceptions
God created me a super star in my unique ways
Loathe me for you’re always my number one star!!!

You may abhor my age, weight and skin color
Don’t care for those won’t make my legs shaking
You detest me of many things for I love you so much
Examine your reflection, you’re always beautiful!!!

by Icona “I Love It (I Don’t Care)”


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