Warning: Be Careful with What YOU Do or Say…

What I learned today were tidbits of information that shocked me and made me wonder, ‘what’s wrong with the world mama?’  Well, these are minor events  happening around, a one-minute negative fame.  Moreover, the incidents taught me the significance of respecting others’ professions and genders, keeping unnecessary opinions to myself and controlling my fury (specially in public).  Most of all, each one should be cautious with what he or she do or say… for the consequences will stain your reputation or the worst one is when you’ll end up in a cold cell…

miss universe_singapore finalist comment

“Minister Indranee Rajah on uncle mocked by Miss Universe finalist: He may not be sibei trendy but he’s definitely ‘sibei ho'” read full story http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

man spits at woman twice

“Man spits in woman’s face twice and hurls vulgarities at her after cutting bus queue” read full story http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

“Man in Woodlands spitting incident sentenced to 5 weeks’ jail”  read full story http://sg.news.yahoo.com


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