Crossing the Bridge


When I was in my fourth year in high school, my family moved in to a new neighborhood.  The first time I went there, I was shaking when I crossed the bridge made of bamboo.  I was afraid of the possibilities that I might slip or fall into the hole.  Then, papa told me, “in life, you have to cross the bridge to go to your destination.  You won’t go anywhere or be home until you have the courage to walk on that platform.”   As my friend mentioned, “the risks are there, have faith.” Yeah, I remembered the sense of accomplishment every time I crossed that bridge. There are so many bridges I needed to cross. God is watching and always there for me.


Out of desperation,
So many deceptions
The predators identify
The vulnerable prey

God gives delay
Teaching me to pray,
Have faith and trust in Him
Be wise though its dim

Everything will turn well
I am out of my shell
The music of the bell
Escaping the flames of hell

My burden lighten
My heart is not broken
My sins are forgiven
God is just and even

Tough decision to make
For the future’s sake
Crossing the bridge
To reach the other edge

A dreamer is a risk-taker
Adventures is for the explorer
There’s no success in fear
Cross the bridge, go farther




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