I have a friend, She’s very STUPID…

In her stupid brain she said, ‘That’s it!!!  I knew it!!!

He asked, ‘Are you not eating your burger? What are you thinking?

She softly replied, ‘A lot…‘  Many things.  Feelings collided.

She added, ‘Maybe, I’ll just write it out

He responded, ‘ go ahead and write down…

And so this post is composed.

She wanted to hug him to say her heartfelt thanks.  She called his name three times but she froze every time.

She finally understood what she wanted.

She clasped his back and it made him furious.  She was not angry instead she smiled saying ‘I don’t plan to hug you for the whole ride.  I just want to say thank you‘.

She didn’t lose.  She’s going to win.  She kept on singing behind his back and she never cared if she sounded awful.

My friend is really stupid, but he said, if she’s happy then let your friend be.  Don’t you know that Apple stocks are going down but there are still people who buy its products because it makes them happy.  Will you recommend Samsung to your friend if  I phone makes her happy?

My friend is stupid because she is still using her broken I phone.  Is she really happy?  Her heart is broken even from the very beginning.  Yet, the crack of her heart makes her experienced the reality of life that she only used to imagine.

Is my friend happy? Of course, she is.  She doesn’t want to think of the pain for there are a lot of people who loves her.

Miracles happen because I let it happen

I win because I fight and keep on losing and rejected not only once but several times.

God knows what is meant for me

to make me stronger and become a better person…

My friend learned the greatest lesson in life

She can only love once in a lifetime

A special love that takes some time to unfold

She will own the heart of the one she loves

When she becomes the best person she’ll be…

She won’t asked if she were used or just the substitute

She won’t think so much at all because she was happy with what happened

It hurts now but in pain there’s glory

It’s so soon to conclude

She said, ‘I needed time to make a name of myself because after all my dreams and desires are selfish, it is always for myself.

He said, ‘you give it a try maybe things will change and something unexpected may happen‘.

She took a deep breath,’ what’s the point of selling my paintings, writing for real and get a higher pay if I can only invest my money...

He said, ‘give it to your siblings, you always do…

She asked, will my siblings make me smile same as you could or can they make me feel same way as you did?

He said, let’s wait for things to happen...

She said, ‘can money buy love?

He answered, ‘yes, it possibly can

She asked, ‘can I buy you?

He answered, ‘be what you want and let’s see the outcome…

Then, she went back not using her head and completed the forms.

She only wanted to hold him awhile ago not to seduce or tempt him.  She just wanted him to feel her heartfelt thanks.  That’s part of  their culture of expressing truthful thanks and he would only think it the wrong way.

‘Thank you for being here and scolding me why I’m still not doing it.  Those pestered words were motivating  that gave me courage.

She’s just my one stupid friend

One thing I learned from her

You can’t expect anything in love 

You can break and break and break

You cry and cry and cry

Just keep on love and love and love

Keep your hopes high

You know you’re the best I have, my angel,

I love you from the beginning and still love you now

One day, TIME will be my friend

There are miracles for you and me

Let’s fly once more in a certain paradise that feels like heaven….  

Thank you my angel for being a great friend…

Thank you very much

 I’ll just remain loving you in silence

He finally said,See you soon...’  

She never had lunch. She just ate the burger. She’s not eating the fries. Waste of money! Tsk…

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Published on: Apr 28, 2013 @ 23:11


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