Your Voice in my Head;)


On my way home, I thought I heard you bidding farewell.  Perhaps, I’m just so exhausted and sleepy and I was walking dreamily with the sound of your voice  in my coconut.  Wow, I did indirectly stupid last Monday because of my curiosity and being innocent.  It was truly embarrassing and sorry that awful thing landed into your page.  Gosh, i’m not some perv!  Perhaps, you think I’m such an idiotic hag!

Anyway, I can still see you through the empty scenery.  By the way, it’s almost my deadline to get over you.  Thus, I must make the most of it dreaming of you tonight.  I want to hear your voice again and imagine how beautifully you smiled at me.  Due to my insanity, I was almost hit by a bike.  Blame it to the old uncle who was going to the wrong direction. Hey, I just couldn’t get rid of your sound embedded in my brains.


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