Your most beloved said, “Ignore her and never speak to her again.  She’s foolish! Don’t be friends with her anymore!”

You exclaimed, “I never expected I will be her obsession.  I pity her she’s one obsessed girl on me.  I don’t know what are these craps and nonsense, she’s doing and making”.

Thank you at least the label is not obese girl.  I don’t have to defend or explain myself.  Your friends don’t know me and I don’t know them either.  You knew more than anyone else what happened.  I have no regrets for my decisions and enjoyed heartily.  Not even once that I had a bad intention.  I did what was asked in the name of love.  If you consider all these craps my obsessions, then I am one.  Painters do paint and writers do write about the subjects embedded in their hearts.  Perhaps, creativity is my thing—

So many children and people who knew and met me, accepted and appreciated me the way I am.  They know that I am a beautiful person, not some psycho or with a mental illness that any one should be concerned of and avoided.

I made it through once. I can make it!  You only see the side of me that you take wrongly.  You should have seen how I managed to pull out the pieces with any medium and how I can compose really fast with endless ideas.

You should have mentioned to them, ” I am highly educated, an artist, graphic designer, engineer and a teacher.   Aside from that, I am a good daughter and sister.  I am a considerate, fun, generous, kind and thoughtful friend to you and to everyone else.”

Thank  you very much for your time.  This one obsessed girl just only know how to love heartily even with no strings attached.

Well, I’m so happy that I am blessed.  I will enjoy and love life.  See you soon!!!

prayer for soulmate


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