The Moral Compass of Making Love versus Sex for Sport

The loving couple jumped the broom, turned and faced their guests and were soon pronounced husband and wife (and where same sex unions are legal and recognized, an identical ritual applies). They laughed among friends and cried in the embrace of their family. Today was the happiest day of their life and the first day that they would spend the rest of eternity together. They were toasted by the best man and maid of honor, they danced together under the spotlight and when he carried her off, they made love under the moonlight.

Years later, they had still loved only one another, but to keep the flame alive, they began games of role play underneath the covers. She would dress as a french maid and he would sometimes play the role of sex slave. They would laugh and giggle after the explosion, and fall asleep deep in one another’s arms. They experimented with swinging, exchanging partners with other loving couples, all certified and tested, clean of all diseases. But no matter the feelings of ecstasy they found in arms of another, no one could take the place of their one and only lover.

The idea of sexual relations is so varied among religions that it is virtually impossible to include an acceptable analogy under one cover. Even the concept of adultery is difficult to ponder, when some cultures allow for more than one wife, where in others, this is strictly forbidden. In most religions, all are called upon to obey the law of the land, but some laws, even for a loving homosexual relationship, calls upon death. Some churches believe that even sex among heterosexuals, is only for procreation. So would either of these categories fit, or is it sex simply for nature? (read more: by Kendall F. Person)


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