Noah’s Ark


Every teardrop has a price
Discriminate and criticize
The bill’s high, you realize
Behold the oppressed will rise!

Yowling not at your mother’s grave
The subpoena from the reaper
Verdict from someone greater
You complained while you grieved

“If You are also a God for me,
Why you never come to my rescue?”
He replied, “My son, can’t you see
I didn’t come to you but did she?”

“Below are your brothers and sisters
I wiped out the world, I gave them Noah
They ignored his call and mocked him
And picked similar to your choice”

“My son diamonds are truly rare
It takes some time for it to shine
You overlooked and preferred stone
She only wanted the best for you!”

“If that is so, send the ark with her!”
You shouted and demanded in fury
“The wisdom of those who are wise
Written by men are words from God”

“Didn’t she vow to take me from beyond?”
God said, “This is her reward for selflessness
Spare her the glory that you can’t have
Now you’ve seen she’s the fairest of them all!”

What you denied and rejected
Essentials and what you needed
Recalling the memories with qualm
She belongs not to your eternal torture

good morning

good morning

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