Habits and Qualities of a Real Man

Habits and Qualities of a Real Man

FEBRUARY 25, 2014 / 

A lot have been said about how a real man should behave, and the qualities and habits he must have. I’ve read (and written) books and articles on this subject for one particular reason: to educate myself. In other words, I am not perfect, and I need to remind myself of that in order to keep evolving and growing as a human being. As a man. Now, the list below may not be long enough, and if you know of any other point I may have overlooked, fell free to let me know; I’m always happy to hear from you, constant reader.

1- A real man fends for himself: He is not afraid to step up and go after what he wants. He always walks with his head up, but looking at everyone with respect. If someone tries to diss him, he will stand up for himself and will never let anyone walk over him.

2- A real man is persistent: If he wants something, he gets it, by any means necessary. He knows that persistence is one of the most important things a success-driven person needs to have, otherwise success will always just be an unreachable dream, rather than a tangible reality.

3- A real man lives life however he wants to: He doesn’t wait for someone to tell him what to do; the college years are over, and he doesn’t need a teacher to tell him when to bring his homework. He knows what his homework is, and he does it every single day. His life has a purpose, a particular direction, and there is no way someone is going to come and change what he already planned to do.

4- A real man doesn’t take criticism to the heart: Another way to say this is ‘that he doesn’t give a shit about what others think,’ but he does give a shit when he knows that something is said for his own good. What he thinks of himself is far more important than what others think, but he knows the difference between negative and constructive criticism.

5- A real man doesn’t throw tantrums or whines about everything: a real man is slapped, punched, hit over the head and he still keeps coming back. Whatever life throws at you, just suck it up and move on. If the clerk at your local McD’s gave you a bad service, just smile and think of how happy you are to live the life you want, so you don’t have to be as miserable as those who just live their lives on a daily basis.

6- A real man has an artistic side: Admit it, we all (yes, even me) feel a bit of excitement when we are in front of a talented person; a novelist, a painter, a singer, etc. It doesn’t matter how good you are. What matters is that you don’t give up and work hard everyday to accomplish your goals. If you still don’t know what your passion is, stop wasting time and look for that artistic side that will make you stand up from the crowd.

7- A real man has a sense of humor: Ironically, a real man needs to be constantly in touch with his inner child to develop a good sense of humor. When it comes to seduction, for example, a man often wins women over by joking around in a playful manner. Women love this in a man, because it tells them that he doesn’t take anything to the heart.

8- A real man isn’t coy around women: A real man has enough confidence to be blunt and tell a woman what he thinks. If he likes someone, he just goes and says, “I find you interesting/attractive and I’d like to get to know you better.” If the woman in question turns him down, he respectfully backs off and doesn’t bother her anymore. But if she is available, the story may have a different (and happier) ending.

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