Sweet But Sour Life

boa hancock and luffy good night
There is beauty in pain
The one who loses wins
The winner takes it all
Opportunity knocks once
Don’t let go, grab it!
Weep not for rejection
For you’re the cornerstone!
The one who forgets
In humility will recall
Do not do unto others
What you don’t want
Others to do unto you
Beware of Karma’s words
What goes around comes around
As the Law of Gravity states
What goes up, always goes down
Let the boomerang fly
It will always return
To the hands where it belongs


Youth will fade with time
Wisdom will grow with years
Physical beauty will wither
Yet, what is truly essential
Invisible to the naked eyes
You can be greater than men
But never be above God
You can feast with kings
Abandon those who cared
Not all music is sweet
Dangerous sound waves
Bring you to dungeon
The trials of shame
Test of golden friendship
The prodigal son was lost
His father welcomed him home
Return to your old self
I am just waiting at your door


I can see. I can tell.
I can sense and feel.
I have faith in God.

Heaven strikes teaching the proud to humble down”

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