She danced coldly and teased the wild cats howling in the crowd.  The spotlight is hers and the preys are her fans.
She grinned diabolically at them while whispering within as she gyrated on the stage.
“Rejoice in hell with me.  Today you fool will lost everything.  I strip you with your wealth and dignity.  I will take all your precious position.  Let’s see who will laugh last…”
Her eyes set on them and they cheered loudly.  And she thought, “You think that your happiness last forever.  Don’t underestimate me, I am not as weak as you think.  You too will bleed and the tears are yours not mine.  I will strip you with everything you have even with your pride until you crawl back to the one who never left your side”.

“I don’t love you.  You paid for my service.  I am not your friend.  I have no heart and soul.  I don’t think wisely but I made a fool of you.  I dined and enjoyed the money you wasted on me.  Do you think, I will remember? You’re just one of those passing faces.  I already taken what I needed from you.  If you have nothing, what’s your use to me?  Go away!!! I am sorry that I made you believe, I am your friend.  Remember that you’re gifted and I am the stripper who crushed your life into pieces”.

Even if you’re a god of your own and denied the existence of the Divine Mercy, judgement is given fairly. No sins left unpunished. God blesses those with good hearts. Regrets always come later. You can’t return what you have taken. Don’t be so calm for slowly a castle with poor foundation deteriotes. Enjoy what you have today… You should have considered what you can possibly have… Much better with what you’ve got…

no need for revenge


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