Peace of Mind? :(

I have nothing.  I owed money.  A lot.  I needed clarity.  Will you give it to me?  I don’t want to disturb nor bother at all.  But, I sought for the truth.  After all, I am a true friend to my friends.  You know that in your heart as well.  Don’t be consumed with the clouds in your head for you’re a good friend and beautiful the way you are.  If disappoints make people turn their backs, they should have seen how much the other party tried and tried.  If only the eyes can appreciate the beauty of struggles, then you’ll know how hard I tried.  I don’t like disturbing people.  I believe in my friend and I know somewhere deep down he still exists.  More than a year ago, I wrote this “Peace of Mind”.  Now, I don’t know if I’ll be given the tranquility of my head.




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