Count Your Blessings

boa hancock_sad

My phone rang just now.  My instinct convinced me not to pick it up but I have to for I am obliged.  This time, I am not at home kneeling in front of the altar.  I am out smelling the morning’s fresh scent.  As I strolled on the dark road, I am humming with the mynas. Yet, I couldn’t deny the my happiness is incomplete.  I still needed to settle something.  I worried about money.  A lot of people are asking me money.  And so this experienced me thought to be tough and wiser.  

boa hancock_depress


I am disappointed but I closed my eyes and thanked God.  In spite of all unsettled dues and unreliable people, I just took a deep breath.  As my sister always said, ‘Don’t mind about them just count your blessings’.  I don’t need assistance but I need your comfort… if only how it used to be didn’t change, I would still probably hear you at the other end encouraging and scolding me (in a good way).  You would probably say, “I told you so”.

good morning love

chopper cute

chopper cute_ playing

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