Constructing Towering Walls

Take away the oxygen I exhaled for life feels like a hollow space without you. Lost in the woods of wonderland, not knowing the exit door to the closet that will bring me back to the day I was attentive to my father stories.  Then, I wouldn’t wish at the shooting star the glistened on the day you were born.

In my poverty-stricken home, there was no smart phone but people communicate verbally and expressed true emotions without emoticons. 

What I did was not easy for me… I only learned to gamble and trust.  I wrecked the fences I built in my past for I tasted what was forbidden.  For the first time, I loved with all my heart and paid the price.  I waited patiently only to be left in the cold.

It’s a beautiful life!  No one is allowed to go nearby.  Hands off!!! This time, I locked myself behind towering walls.  I am a geek, weird, obsessed, insane… Is there anything you want to add?

I don’t know what I did wrongly.  I rejoiced then and my heart was contented.  I survived the struggle only to find myself behind my walls.

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