He Said, “Finally You’re Here!”

morning sunrise

Up and awake like how it used to be… 5.30 AM. A new day begins and challenges awaits… Of course, I am early. While I was on the train, I saw how the clouds changed from darkness to light. How beautiful was the sunrise!  I was standing all the way to the station where I would alight since I gave up my sit to an elderly lady.  Yet, my knees were not tired but I felt like peeing… Haha… I was indeed excited!!!

Finally, I arrived! I waited for a couple of minutes.  Then, he came down and greeted me with a smile. His first sentence was “Finally, you’re here!”

After several days of waiting, he was about to change his mind and get someone else. Still he waited and I would do my best to be worth the wait.  I was introduced to a lot of people and given a tour around the vicinity.

“Hope to work well with you!”

a message from my new boss.

By the way, today is my first day… 

A new chapter of my life has begun in a new place with new people…  This is it!!! 

desktop with two montiors


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