Wishes and Consequences


My last cent in my purse was traded for a wish tossed inside an old well.  There were evenings when I spent stargazing patiently waiting for a falling star.  In my detachment to the population I belong, I spent my days praying day and night.  My aloofness taught me to have greater faith and lesser fear.  So, this is it!  My stepping stone, one of my heart’s wish is granted…

all magic comes with a price

I rejoiced for finally it’s granted!!!  Alleluia, Lord!   Yet, what are the consequences?  Everything comes with a price!  Then, it’s difficult when I have no one to seek for help.  I used to rescue but when it’s my turn, it’s easy to say the big ‘no’.  I am still trying to figure out how to complete the required gold with a very short notice and aside from my sister who are willing to lend me not just their hands…

That’s not it…. lots and lots of challenges to come and new people to meet who I expect to really test my capacity.  Aside from that, I have to learn new stuff and work more hours…. Anyway, I am used to it… In addition, I have to pass certain examinations… Bless my brain, dearest Lord to absorb new knowledge! Nevertheless, I believe that God said ‘yes’ because I can do it and I can always find a way to resolve everything.  After all, He gave a long vacation, it’s time to face the world again and once more use His gifts to share to others!!! I am looking forward to give happiness and satisfaction to others. Yeah, this time the price is high but I have to double my efforts….  Thank you Lord for the genies you sent me… they brought magic and miracle to my life.

be careful what you wish for

carefull wishes

There’s one more wish… and it’s you… The consequences are unknown and perhaps more challenging than what I imagined.  But, I don’t care because I can surpass everything as long as you’re with me.  Come celebrate with me and hopefully you’ll drop by to say ‘hello’ again.


Of course, don’t forget…. xoxo luv u more xoxo



You’re having the time of your life again and again!!!!


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