Fight for Survival: A Little But Less Painful Day


It was a tragic day, everyone around me was so anxious.  Am I some voodoo doll or am I some species for lab research?  Although I was semi-conscious, I could hear the panic in the voices of the medical professionals surrounding me.  My body felt so heavy.  Yet, I could still feel that they were poking my arm several times with a needle until it turned blue.  I guess, they tried more or less six times to locate the vein where to draw out blood from my right arm.  Hence, every time I go for medical check-up, the clinicians attending to me everywhere were facing with same dilemma.


As for today, it took the doctor some time to locate my veins.  I asked, “Is it hard to find because it’s covered with my fats?” (Speaking of I gained more than 3 kg)

He replied gently, “Of course not. If you’re not doing sports and exercise, the strains of your vein won’t be so visible”.

He gave it a try and poked my arm but with no success.  So, he suggested to insert the needle at the top of my left hand and warned me that it would be more painful.  I agreed even it was my first time and in spite of what he said.  Indeed, it was a bit painful compared getting my blood from my arm.   While I was in the bus, on my way home, I could really feel the twinge on my left hand.  Gosh, it’s really a little bit painful!image

Nonetheless, it’s just a little painful physically but the turned of events made my painful emotional days in the past less.  Tomorrow, I am looking forward to face the challenge.  It is not yet the end but mark a new beginning of pressure and stress.  Likewise, doing nothing made me feel worthless and it killed my jubilant spirit.  Moreover, using my abilities again will make me feel alive no matter how difficult the tasks and people (I am working with).  Of course, to start all over again is not a mark of perfect happiness but to have new adventures and be there for the ones I truly cared and who needed me.

good morning handsome
Good morning, Gorgeous!!!
Good morning and hopefully a great night.
I wish you could been here last night.
The covers couldn’t hold me tight and keep me warm.
Same as you can 😉
Come on sexy, have a wonderful day!!
Thinking of you
Rise and shine, wish I was there 😉


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