Tell Him that…


Tell him that
   …I greet and write for him everyday
  …I have X-mas and Heart’s Day presents for him
…I will find my way to get out from the maze of sorrow
…I never stop or even surrender no matter how difficult and hopeless
…He is the handsomest and hottest creation of God, and in his heart there should be no room for sadness
…He should not let anyone bring him down because he’s better and greater than everyone else
  … This is his life and no one owns him for he’s the author of his story, no one has the right to manipulate and write it for him
… Flying freely is not loneliness but a liberty to find himself without any obligations, pressure and stress. It is when you’re on your own you’ll find fulfillment and true satisfaction
… He has nothing to fear, I am always here and I’ll always be there for him
….He’s always in my dreams and thoughts.  I always remember him every second of the day.
… Missing him is killing me softly for not knowing what’s going on with his life is the saddest melody of my heart


  … I want to kiss him everyday and I need his big hug
… Nothing has change and I still love him… I always do and forever will… I love him more…
… The sun is up and there’s hope for the two of us today



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