Fight for Survival: GSG

Look at the watch.  I am out of time… I miss everyone and it is so exhausting to shut all of them from my life.  I can’t just walk out and slam the door from people whom really matter to me.  I apologize for my disappearance.  In my darkness, I concealed myself from the world because I wanted to dwell solitarily in the mountain of sorrow. 


When I thought that I’m all by myself, Jesus is with me.  I turned my back on Him but He always showed me the way.  He never got tired of picking me up when I fell down.  He gave me hopes and grasped me tightly when I felt like letting go. 


I don’t have the gift of sight. Yet, in my dreams, God sent me His messages of good luck and hope. Perhaps, it’s God’s way of reminding me that the storm is over soon. However, the consequences are not easy when wishes are granted. Challenges are waiting… More patience and hardwork!


I made several mistakes and errors in my choices. Nevertheless, the desires of my heart are firm and unselfish. God is not blind with my suffering and not deaf to my pleas. He heard me!!! Praise Him for He is real!


Good night to my beloved for you’re always in my heart. You should have known how I endured and remained still to go on despite of the discouragements… I am so grateful to all people whom I just met but trusted my skills. I am so happy for the good people whom God sent to me. None of them, stopped and gave up on me.

GSG… God iS Good! God iS Great! After so many days of winter, I am running wild with the summer’s winds sooner. God lift me up in my desperation. See, He answers and it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I am always patient… I won’t complain and question at all. The experience taught me faith and molded my heart to be very very strong.

I miss my old buddies. I have the copy of the rest of the new episodes. I will watch my favorite pirates again and enjoy them heartily this time. No more crying while watching their adventures. Hey, I am a pirate-fanatic once again!
Xoxo u should have only known…
Xoxo God S Good… God S Great!!! Xoxo
Xoxo i luv u more xoxO


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