Alias Cleopatra


Hey, tomorrow is throwback Thursday. Here, I found an old photograph of me who was trying so hard to pretend that  I am the Queen of Nile. Hear ye, hear ye!  I’m back…

Four years ago, I was so bored.  I had nothing to do by that time for I was home alone (as always).   As old childish habit of mine, I dressed-up or put make-up-on.  Then, took photos of myself (popularly known nowadays as selfie). I called myself then as alias ‘Cleopatra’. Those were the days when I was bored and pretended that my mirror agreed I looked awesome. LOL.

Oh, I am not the Queen of Nile but this a.k.a Cleopatra wishes you good night.

xoxo luv u more xoxo
good night…


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