Jesus, I Trust in You!

Lord, enlighten my way and grant the desires of my heart.

Lord, God I’m begging you to grant my request of being part of the world and use my skills to share to others. I know I made mistakes and sins in life and please forgive me. I am really so sorry to someone who has no fault to me but I have disappointed and caused troubles. I hope that he’ll find in his heart to forgive me. I hope we can be reunited as in my visions during daybreak.

Lord, thank you for taking away my bad luck and bless me with good fortune. No matter how I struggle and try without Your permission, everything is impossible and unattainable.

Lord let your heart enlighten my way. Thank you for all the blessings you granted me.  I LOVE U, Lord. Bless me and also the ones I cared and loved. Thank you very much for making me strong. Jesus, I trust in You.


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