I Sit Here Wanting Only You

I sit here
and I think
about how much I love you
your eyes
your hair
your voice
your smile
your body
your soul
your heart
all the things you do
all the things you say
from the very tips
of your toes
from the very top
of your head
I am in love with
every aspect of you
even the parts
you have grown
to hate


I sit here
wanting only you
I want to be the
one who makes you laugh
so hard
that your cheeks and tummy
start hurting

I want to be the one
who keeps you warm
at night
by being on your arms

I want to be the one
who hold your hand
and kiss your nose
and make you so happy
your eyes show it

I want you to sing
me a lullaby
in front of the crowd
even though you’re
embarassed easily

I want to call
your name repeatedly
until you turn around
so I can kiss your lips

I want to be scooped up
in your arms and
so close to you
I can hear your heartbeat


I am sitting here wanting no one but only you 😉

Source: Tumblr.com


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