My Kind of Love

You said, “I don’t understand you.”

I replied, “You don’t have to understand love, you only feel it.”

You complained, “You’re being unrealistic and overly romantic.”

I smiled and exclaimed, “Can’t you see that you’re so beautiful and wonderful.  You’re existence awakened the forgotten artist and revived the dead poet in me.”

Probably it disgusts you, “Why bother? There’s nothing you can do for me.”

I stared at those lonely eyes and sighed, “Darling, I’ll give the world for you.  Will you let me?”

Your fury is irreconcilable and you yelled, “You know the truth. Go away and live your life!”

I whispered, “Darling, the future is not ours to tell.  The worst might come, I’ll find and rescue you even to the ends of the underworld.”

Irritated you asked, “What can you possibly do, you’re just some helpless girl?”

I wanted to clasp your hand while saying, “Do not underestimate the power of a great love and true faith.  Remember, David overpowered Goliath, and a carpenter’s son, Jesus redeemed the world.”

And so you left with these words, “No point talking, your replies are not straight to the point.  I feel sorry for your insanity on me. Besides, have you forgotten that you failed me?”

I shouted as you took your steps away from me, “Darling, I did my best and God’s ways are not mine! Oh my darling, look at how you become!  Is this what you really want?  I love you very much.  Thank you for everything you’ve done!”

Darling, I am not sad because you’re happy without me.  It just breaks my heart not knowing how are you and I can’t be there for you.  Perhaps, my kind of love, maybe unnatural and insanity for many.  Yet, my kind of love doesn’t quit and says farewell.  It goes on and remains for it becomes stronger with challenges and trials and becomes wiser with patience and time.  It blooms in sorrow to appreciate and see the beauty of living in a complex world.  My kind of love holds on and forever grateful to God for the day I have found you.

Good morning love 😉
Belated Heart’s Day!!! Perhaps, you’re still exhausted and overjoyed after last night’s events…  Well, it’s a good thing… Keep on smiling, my darling 😉 Happiness may live in your heart, always. God Bless!!! Mwaahhh… Xoxo luv u more xoxO…


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