Fight for Survival: The Search for Francis


It’s only a dream.  However, there’s a message in that images of my unconsciousness.  I didn’t see him but his name was mentioned.  I told my sis about him.  After the appointment, in spite of the bad news, I am happy looking for him.

He said in his prayer, “to console and be consoled”.  After my sis and I said our prayers, we searched for him.  We were at Saint Francis de Assisi Church (my first time) but we can’t find his image and statue.   We searched for him until we found a place where I am consoled.  Together with my sis, I kneeled and prayed at the Adoration Chapel.  Indeed, my friend, my intercessor was there.  It was like treasure hunting.  I found my man and my treasure below the tarbenacle his minute statue was there.  Saint Francis, thank you.

I told my sis, if I will write for real, it will be about my journey of faith and love. 

Prayer of Saint Francis


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