Fight for Survival: Happiest Day After Hibernating


I lift up to God all uncertainties.  Of all the days, it rained when I left my umbrella.  At least I am out, on heels wearing my cute old pink dress with matching fluffy tote bag and accessories.  Then, I am temporarily doing what I enjoyed and I am heard.  It was really rewarding to be appreciated and satisfying outputs were produced.  The kids presumed that I am so dressed up for a date.  Nope, I always wear my presentable wardrobes and walk with confidence because I am happy and being with them was enough for me to feel that happiness.

While inside the cab, the uncle eavesdropped with the conversation and commented on how easy it is to get a degree in my country. What does he know that only ten percent of my batchmates made it for five-year course? He had no idea that with my second degree only 22 percent passed the one and half day national exam (nationwide). As for my post-graduate school, not everyone who enrolled were accepted. As for the two-days exam, only 30 percent passed. I worked and studied. Easy, right? Perhaps, he doubted my qualifications with the way I look.

Whatever I am happy and I love what I am wearing. If you think, I am faking my qualifications, check with my schools.

I am happy today because I am finally out and I made others happy too. Just like my student whom I met yesterday, she rejoiced when she saw me and I invited her in my place.

I am happy because I am forever in love with everything around me. I’m back!!! Thank you, Lord!!!


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