14 years ago, on this day
You sat in front my desk
Anxious with a timid smile
It took you lots of guts
To hand me the note
With greetings and story
My heartbeat raced with joy
Here came another boy
From the class next door
The long distance call
Sorry, I forgot to share
The snail mail love letter
It slipped my mind to talk
Hey, there was another
I guess, you knew him
Don’t mind and bother
Those guys on the corridor
They were just being friendly
And gracious for greeting me
I didn’t catch what you said
I remembered not a single word

14 years ago, on this day
A special day with my friends
Temptations of the butterflies
Was I a good girl in the past?
Of course! Also carefree and jolly….
Yet, I wished for this day
Unnoticed and invisible
I believed that I’d find
What my heart’s looking for
No more notes and flirting
14 years after that day
I know what I really wanted
God leads, it has found me!!!

good morning my love

Good morning on this special day.  😉  I am certain that u will

Xoxo i luv u more xoxo

Allow God to touch your heart and mind for you won’t regret it. Don’t let other’s rule over you…

good morning


by Shirley Bassey “To All The Men I’ve Loved Before”

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