Happy Birthday Sissy!!!



O, my sissy forgive me!
My wallet is empty
Don’t have a single penny
I can’t buy you a gift
Tried to draw but it’s ugly
My sissy, my drawing is a fail!
Tried to compose this poem
Oh, my poetry is out of rhyme!
But, it’s the thought that counts
Remember, I love you!!!
Leilane, be a good girl
You’re my sissy, take care
It’s your day and rejoice!
Oh, we’re getting older!!!
Yet, still looking fresh and jolly
And also as happy as can be
Though miles we’re apart
Memories keep us together
My sissy, God will bless you
Your dreams will come true
Keep believing and work hard
Light the faith in your heart
Everything will turn well
It’s a long journey ahead…
Again, my sissy, I love you
Leilane dear, hate my gift
Yet, don’t forget I’m here for you


Remember when…
there was one summer, I told everyone we camp at our garden…. then, our fence was quite low and our neighbors could see us. we were scared and moved to our other cousin’s backyard… but there were mosquitoes and our male cousins scared us about snakes. so, we decided to camp inside their house… anyway, we had our bonfire and our tales… and noodles afterwards cooked using stove not via fire that we made…. hahaha… one of those funny memories of our childhood…

Happy Valentines Day in advance!!! Enjoy your date… and don’t forget to spread the love!!!

Good night and sweet dreams!!!


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