You’re Etched in Me Forever

I woke up unusually early today.   Lately, I can sleep for less than five hours.  Out of nowhere, I am up and it’s so hard to sleep tightly again.  It’s not what’s in my mind that’s bothering me but it is what’s inside my heart.  Unlike before, I don’t think too much this time.  I watch lots of funny stuff and read the bible to relax my mind before I take my midnight rest. I have no worries because I let God be.  My faith is stronger than before and I trust the Almighty above all.

Moreover, my heart is bugging me from time to time and waking me up every time from beautiful dreams with you. Gee, I can’t take you out of my system!  Indeed, you’re etched in me forever!!!  So, I dared.  I am afraid of the outcome but I just let it be…  Always be happy and stay away from harm.  Take care and enjoy your breakfast 😉

Good morning my beloved!!!
Gee, I miss you very much!!!!


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