A Little Kindness in the Night

For the entire day, I am suffering with physical pain. Thus, I am unable to carry out my chores in stead I spent the day reading a book. Then, I watched my favorite noon time show while drawing a portrait with pastel, illustrating the model via my mobile phone. It took me awhile to have this piece done. Afterwards, I am fascinated trying out ‘Flappy Bird’ and I couldn’t make it further.  LOL.

flappy  bird

Can’t you see, I am here thinking of you and missing you?

Heart’s day is approaching and so I have my obviously not-meant-to-be-delivered-gift done.  Yet, I still made it because I am me, always thoughtful than ever!  I have no cash, I only have my skills and my thoughtfulness!  😉 Let’s say, the gift is mine to keep anyway. Hey, why don’t you give this fool a chance?  Can I borrow you for the night (again)?   Well, a lot of changes going on and I am still waiting for my opportunity.  Almost…. almost… almost there… I guess, I have to wait a little bit.  More patience and lots of trust in God.
Indeed, I am alone and in solo flight.  But, I am not mourning for the love and its memories always dwell in my heart.  I have plenty of reasons to be excited and to look forward for life’s unexpected twists.  The truth is, keeping you in my heart is enough for me to rejoice.  I even enjoyed while transferring your image  into my sketchbook using my box of cheap pastel colors.  It doesn’t look perfect but I am happy with what I have done because I am reminded of how I used to know you.  You were the man in tie who was confident, happy and proud with your profession; and always had lots of experiences and stories to tell.  Always bear in my mind and find it in your heart that I am always here for you.

You’re day must have been productive and you shared your smiles to many.  Always be healthy and stay happy 😉 

by Cliff Richard “Ocean Deep”

nyt. 😉  nyt. 😉


luv u more


i will always there for you

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