Be My Valentine

I am condemned as a fool but nmy heart is yourso accusations can take away with what I have for you. Hey, don’t you know…. In the mystery of life, the possibilities are endless and God will be in our side. I still hope for the best and I am grateful for all the events that unfold in my life. If I will ask, will you laugh or will you tell me shut up?  I won’t make excuses for my inartistic constructed lines.  These are words poured out from my heart  and soul, which is dedicated specially for you.  Take care!!!!

O, my Romeo! Tempting and ravishing!
Your heavenly smile ransacked my heart
With my undertaking,you strip my soul
Wilting in your cleverness and mastery
My darling, with no doubt, you’re the best!


The actions won’t dismiss in my mind
The adventures alive in my memories
Lingering on your touch’s sensations
The torch that illuminates my dungeon
You’re my angel who vanquished my darkness


O, my Romeo! Accept my precious gift
I sigh and yearn for you day and night
All errors and mishaps are iron out
Waltz with me in our old rendezvous
Do say yes and yes! Be my Valentine…


Be my Valentine, a special dinner for two
A candlelight and romantic evening
Be my Valentine and you won’t lament
Wipe out your qualms and let’s race the hills
Be my Valentine and savor my love’s bliss!

sexy valentine

by Martina McBride & Jim Brickman “My Valentine”

be my valentine


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