What If I Chose a Lesser Life???


If I chose a different route,
I couldn’t afford to travel
No dresses and no shoes
No chance of learning art
No new software to study
Only darker and fatter

Yet, every night I’d tell the tales
My bedtime stories are heard
I wouldn’t pray all by myself
I would have nothing at all
No wealth and fancy house
But, a poor home filled with love

If I didn’t let my ambitions rule,
My family would say I’m a loser
I would have no time for friends
My mother wouldn’t welcome me
My Papa would die with a broken heart
My aunt’s vengeance at last accomplished!!!!

Yet, everyday the sun is up
As bright as their smiles
I’m not just a source of income
Not someone who paid the dues
But, someone who mattered
Always admired and appreciated

If I chose a lesser life,
I wouldn’t regret not being here
I wouldn’t have to write a blog
Pretending that I am heard
My job paid less with no benefits
But home to real people with good hearts

Yet, I took the road less taken
A pathway with many challenges
Lots of obstacles to conquer
Shattering my heart a million times
Lowering down my weak soul
A journey that made me stronger each day

God didn’t allow it to happen
His ways are not same as mine
His clock is not mine to control
He has His reasons and I let go
With the life I chose not to pick
God knows what’s the best for me!!! 😉

happiness quote

Life is not easy but the joy is in the journey.  I am so grateful for the people I met are blessings to me and I was given the chance to improve my skills.  The shadows of the past may visited me in my dreams but I am thankful for choosing this life because I learned to age wisely.

images via Tumblr.com


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