My 3AM Thoughts

i miss u

Never forget
I woke up with a bad dream or tragic memory of my father’s death. Everything seemed real, as if that day repeated but I couldn’t do anything to save him or uttered my final words. I grabbed my phone, I needed to speak to someone… Then, I felt scared and noticed my sister was not yet home. I overlooked her e-mail earlier stating that she would be spending the night at a friend’s place for a sleepover. Home alone.
divine mercy prayer
I cried a little that progressed with every ticking of the clock. When my father was alive, he used to tell me that every 3 AM the gate of heaven will open to those who’ll come forth and seek for God’s mercy. In addition, I had a very kind and nice friend who told me to pray every 3 AM the prayer of Divine Mercy to sooth the suffering of my soul. I am done saying my prayers.

I prayed heartily and felt God is with me. I am not alone, after all. But, still I miss someone so dearly and I included him in my prayers (as always).  Only a few believe in the power of prayers, I maybe some religious fanatic to this era but I don’t care with people’s mockery for my faith in God saves me and in my heart He is not a myth.  I am afraid and I thank Him for being there for me.

“A gracious woman wins esteem, but she who hates virtue is covered with shame”. (Proverbs 11:19)

At this point of my life, I am doing my best to work on for a BIG DREAM.   In all places I have been, I carry with me God’s gifts that I willingly share to others.  I have nothing to be ashamed.  Thus, I walk with confidence because I am not covered with dark secrets and bad intentions towards others.  God sees my sacrifices and hears my plea.  He will reward me with the desires of my heart in His time.  He is so kind for letting me rest for He saw how I labored all my life starting at a very tender age.

My father’s death broke my heart.  Moreover, my father and I shared so many days of laughter. I am moving forward with good memories to keep and on my way I will bring joy and pride to the one I truly love.  


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