Fight for Survival: Red Shoes

That old feeling again, it’s all coming back to me… Hey, three hours was not enough for me… I wanted more…. I don’t mind doing it everyday.  I can manage.  I am a super girl, I can handle everything.


It’s quite far and a long walk with my old red shoes.  I didn’t complain.  I said yes, even if I were given a little time to prepare.  Instant!!!


That old feeling again when I shared a smile and conquered the spotlight… That old feeling when you joked in private and someone laugh…. That old feeling when someone was interested in finding out your name and dared to bid a friendly goodbye.


My red shoes brought me to a place where I don’t belong.  Sorry, I am already taken somewhere who had me first.  The noise… the sound… made me feel alive and kicking again…


I am not exhausted and I can’t get over that old feeling and today’s event really delighted my lonesome heart.  I don’t know where my red shoes will take me.  I don’t want to say anything yet.  I pray for the best and let God lead the way.

I pray for forgiveness, love and guidance.  My red shoes will surely find the path where I truly belong 😉


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