Now or Never


It was Sunday, while waiting for my cousin who was queueing uo for snacks, I roamed around the mall.  Then, I met a lady who sold me a charmed bracelet.  She smiled at me, uttered her prayers and asked me to make my wishes.  Aferwards, she hit the gong thrice.  Unusual but interesting ritual.

Last night, I broke the bracelet.  It was not costly but it so cute to throw away in the bin.  There are people who used to say “why fix what is broken when you can always get a new one?”  But I love it.  When I love, I don’t let go for its value is priceless.

I was able to find each beads and managed to fix it.  Wow! My old bracelet looks brand new and made it with style by adding some unused stuff.

Thus, no matter how broken I don’t give up on finding ways to compose myself and go on.  I must fight and survive.  I have one life to live.  It’s now or never!!!!

It’s now or never, my dreams come true.  It’s now or never, I love you so…   It doesn’t end no matter how bitter life can be— God is on my side. I have this chance. I am scared but I grabbed it. It’s now or never! 

XoxO good night xOXo
Luv u more…


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