Fight for Survival: One More Step

It is a long journey, a wide road to travel. The mayhem of my quest is excruciating, the reasoned that I sunk with hopelessness and drowned with my tears.
Train Station
Nonetheless, the sorrows in life only measured my inner strength to move forward to shine the brightest.  Not all people are kind but whatever they do, no one can crash down my spirit. All throughout the years, I remain as a fighter, standing firm with faith and trust in God.
school zone sign
A long journey ahead and new challenges await. More people to meet and a lot of coping up to do. One more step, the trekking begins when the green button mode is true. I am overjoyed and overwhelmed. I remembered all the cute boys and girls in the church, at the bus stop and on the road… Their eyes sparkled with their smiles, I used to be part of their lives and I once shared my knowledge to them. I have learned from them too and being in the room with them gave meaning to my existence.  Once in awhile, they made me laugh and furious but I am me around them.
Well, I just closed my eyes and said my heartfelt thanks to God. As the song in the mass this afternoon said “Lord, You are my light and salvation… whom shall I fear?”.   I was walking all by myself singing ‘Kumbaya’ and ‘La Vie En Rose’.  In my heart I know that God will always provide, I know He will…. and He’ll never let me walk alone.

Wherever I go and whatever I do, I will bear in mind “Do your best and never spoil your good name”. (quoted from Duchess, ‘Black Beauty’ by Anna Sewell)

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