What I Almost Had

“Be certain to appreciate the things you have and the people who truly care since today’s events are tomorrow’s memories”

My papa was a lover of many things. As I strolled this morning, I saw an alley cat that reminded me of my father. I am not fond of cute kitties, but he always adopted all those stray marmalade cats. Gosh, they purred annoyingly on the roofs at night time like wailing babies. They also sneaked inside our house to steal our food.
Yet, once you know these cats, you would forget that you despised them. They brushed their fur on your legs and meows from their hearts. They sat on your lap and fell asleep like little children listening to bedtime stories. You can always count on them, to catch all those mice and rats. Those cats were like best buddies of our old dog, Roque.
I guess today, I am reminded that sometimes you can’t see or overlook what you almost had…. So, I draw this cat for the memories of the alley cats whom my father sheltered in our home but I didn’t consider as my pets.

Finally, I did it!!! I drew my buddy whom I almost had using pastel as medium (for $2 only), and it was challenging to use specially when working on the small details particularly the furs.


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