That Frozen Heart of Yours


The scripture last night ended with the phrase “there’s NO PARTIALITY IN GOD”. It’s true, but not for human beings. Let us put this way asshole… thanks a lot for making this bitch wait for so long because “she doesn’t want to  waste your time”. Poor bitchy-bitch, waiting like some stupid doll enduring her menstrual pain for something not even intended for her.

Come on, bitch… there are some guys who are into you.  You’re actually a good person with good intentions; and a terrific friend…. but still you’re treated like some piece of shit, not even just a friend…. Face it!!!! You can never move a dull mountain…. Why are you so on with that bastard who is such a user? He only comes to you when he is in need… Don’t you get it he doesn’t give a damn with your concern or kindness? It’s all about that sickening business as usual. Trust me, he wants to puke when he sees your face. What an irony, indeed! A lot of men with whatever range of age love your mere presence because you’re a wonderful person… Or some lame gay indeed! Wow, never thought u like someone gay…. Tired of real men??? Don’t tell me u hated men so much that u ended liking some gay. Tsk, the bad news they’re all far from u. Try ur luck next time, bitch!!! U just grow old to be dumb!!!

So GAY!!!!

Haha. What a funny way of giving indeed!!! Well, don’t tell me I got punished for sharing the box of Krispy Creme or two boxes of Pizza Hut or the ice cream and the extra things I couldn’t remember. Last time, when they gave, none of them said you gave these away. “I told your friends that you would share this with them”. Nope, those generous, good and thoughtful men shared and it was not up to them to decide whatever you do with whatever they are giving away…. My students, now and last time, when they gave me something… none of them said you share this…  if that is the case, they should given the other person something intended for her or what…. I’m not being selfish or what!!! The idea made me so ill…. worst than my menstrual pain……

Fine, i’m not used of being treated like some shit even if I was so harsh at them. Okay, I’m not in the mood because my tummy is really painful like hell. I didn’t have a good sleep for it was bugging me to death. But, I’m not some lame girls who felt like not walking when they had it. I endured the pain as if nothing is wrong because I have responsibilities to do.   Besides, my papa told me last time that it was not cute to play the role of being the victim o r someone weak. It is important to be strong… pain is just in the head.  Just now, I was joking with my colleagues and students but actually I’m not feeling well. I have to come and work.


I don’t lose. I will have the last laugh. I will have a good pay! I will have my own businesses. I’m not the loser!!! My art teacher said, we could be great artists. One day, i will paint my masterpieces.

Thank you very much. I’m definitely sharing as commanded. Anyway, I’m not eating at all…. Just some stupid messenger…

Still thank you very much. 

What the…. That frozen heart of yours–

Keep it frozen!

keep calm

Hide it in your fridge…

I always understand but what I don’t get

why try so hard to treat me like some piece of shit???

I don’t expect anything from you…. duh, so many girls want it from you and maybe you already keep it exclusive…. I’m only trying to test if you are real man as you claimed to be one… What’s the challenge in the dream that I can’t say?  It’s intended for real men… I won’t waste saying to some good boy or just another gay!!!  The joke is on me now, last time, I thought some of my friends were gays but they turned not to be one… Now, the man I see is not a true-blooded man…  You won’t watch action film, that’s for real men, anyways!!!! Not for some coward boy….

You remembered mentioning that I should share it with my family. And now, share to my friend as well.   You forgot to mention to share it to my students and to all my colleagues!!!  So, how many pieces… I mean how many crumbs we get each??? Wow, are we some beggars?  When I gave that whole cake I never said share it to the whole world?  Whether you gave it to your dog or threw it away…. it was none of my concern.  I gave it to you, so you decide what to do with it!  You asked me if you were kind, do something with your heart.  Mean it, asshole!!! Kindness it’s not a duty, an obligation or a responsibility.  It is part of being a true human being with a good heart.  Somehow, you can remain as kind as you are but expect to be treated like some shit by others.  That is life, bitch!!!

My friend will be very happy… Duh, if you liked her so much… you should have given it last night…. You should have not said anything at all….  You only ruin my day and made me more sick… worst than my dysmenorrhea!!!!

Thanks for dropping by. Eventually, i get over with this… I still have my brains and skills… No one can take that from me….one thing for sure, my angel’s promise is true someone not gay will really come….



Funny me, invigilating while blogging.  Likewise, this piece of shit received praises from my colleauges just now…  They were saying my works were great!!! Ows, at least I’m worth of something not just equivalent to cash… bitchy-bitchy- bitch… Well, this shit just realized that those men were for real and they were not gays. Haha. Last time, i was not used and my cash was not at stake!!! Wake up call, he’s gay!!!  I’m may some bitch to those who doesn’t know me… but what they do know about me??? What do you know??? 

Even if a gay walked into my life now, I still believe in my prayers… there’s a real man out there who is free and capable of seeing my worth!!!  You’ll find me and open you’re heart.  This time, I’m ready in all aspects, no fears and no restrictions. 


Ask for it, I will give it all beyond what you can even imagine!!!  Don’t think so hard, your brains might burst out!!! 😉

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Published on: Feb 1, 2013 @ 12:30


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